# Of Doses     Specified **      Terminal       Maternal
2-6                     $35.00             $15.00         $18.00
7-18                   $27.00             $  9.00         $11.00
19-30                 $23.00             $  7.50         $10.00
31+                    $20.00             $  6.50         $   9.00

Terminal Semen as low as $5.00 on contract. Call for details!
Specified Semen Packaged at 5 to 6 Billion per Dose. 

** Specified Semen is priced based on number of doses ordered per individual boar.

Line Semen Packaged at Minimum of 4 billion per Dose.
Prices subject to change without notice!! Packing Charge and Delivery Cost Not Included In Semen Price.
* Prices are for US Domestic only, contact IBS for export prices.

*****Volume & Contract Discounts Available. *****

Specified Sires: Breeders needing to register offspring, raise replacement gilts or boars, operations on a strict rotation, or units needing specific traits will want to use this option. You chose the exact IBS Boars you need to use in your genetic program. Not all boars are listed in this catalog. If you are looking for something not in the catalog, please feel free to ask. He might be the barn. Some of IBSís Hampshire boars are RN negative and all of IBSís Berkshires are RN negative!!! 
Breeding Certificates are available on boars priced in this category.
These boars are pictured with their performance data and pedigree information.
Some boars may be priced with no volume discount due to high demand.

Breeds available as Specified Sires:
Duroc     Landrace     Large Black     Hampshire
Meishan     Large White     Yorkshire     Berkshire - ABA Qualified

Terminal Semen: Selected terminal line semen allows you the choice of genetics to produce market hogs in your operation. This popular program enables you to get large volumes of semen from a specific line with similar or matched genetics. Boars that are selected to use in the line semen program come from the top 5% of their contemporary group and are rigorously culled for soundness and semen quality. Terminal line boars are all stress negative (HAL 1843-nm normal*) and must pass IBSís rigid health requirements. Selected terminal line offspring are not eligible for purebred registry.

Semen available as Terminal Line Semen:
DRU     Berkshire     RW Duroc
Yorkshire     IBS Duroc     IMF Duroc (High Muscle Quality)

Maternal Semen: Selected maternal line semen allows you the opportunity to select from the most prolific maternal families in the IBS boar battery. This successful program has allowed producers of all sizes to produce their own replacement gilts or maternal line boars for in herd use. Similar to the line program, the maternal offers genetics from productive families. One or more boars from your line of choice and type will be sent to you. You donít need to select a boar, but only the line. Maternal line boars at IBS are stress negative (HAL 1843-nm normal*) and have passed strict health requirements. Offspring produced from the IBS maternal line semen program are not eligible for purebred registration. Some Lines may be priced with no volume discount due to higher genetic value.

Semen available as Maternal Line Semen:
Landrace     Yorkshire     Large White
KK Landrace     Pursi Line     Field Marshall Line
Matador Line     MSU York Line     King David Line
Puff Line     TOP 710     NX Line

IBSís Warranty Disclaimer Policy:

Artificial insemination is successfully employed in breeding of swine on a worldwide basis, and IBS, a division of Universal Pig Genes, Inc. customers have achieved satisfactory results for many years. However, because IBS does not control conditions under which its products are employed, it cannot make any warranty as to the quality or productiveness of its products or as to the results which may be obtained by use of its products or of techniques recommended for use of its products. Therefore, IBS makes no warranty of any kind whatsoever, either express or implied, concerning its products, and the implied warranties of merchantability fitness for purpose are hereby disclaimed. All agents and employees of IBS are forbidden to make any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, concerning IBS products. Any statement or warranty made by any agent or employee of IBS shall not bind IBS nor give rise to any obligation on the part of IBS. IBS cannot and does not guarantee the absence of any pathogens or disease in the semen sold by IBS. Pathogens or diseases may be present at the time of sale or may appear latter.