YOUR HERD HEALTH IS OUR CONCERN                                            

1) All boars are selected from PRRS negative farms.
2) All boars are tested at the farm of performance testing before being moved to off site isolation.
3) All boars are isolated off-site with a separate Herdsman. No natural matings are allowed!
4) All boars are tested monthly or quarterly for PRRS, TGE, PRV, LEPTO’s, TOXO, SVD, & Bruc.
5) All boars are tested for TB and examined for physical abnormalities.
6) All boars are tested for Swine Fever (Hog Cholera) upon entering and prior to leaving EU Barn.
7) All boars are medicated and treated for internal and external parasites.
8) IBS Herdspersons shower into the barns. No visitors are allowed in the barns.
9) IBS Herdspersons and Lab personnel observe a 48 hour “No off site swine contact” policy.
10) Boars are housed at IBS in four separate barns. Viewing rooms are available to inspect the boars.
11) Boars sheath are routinely douched with antibiotics.
12) Each boar’s body temperature is monitored prior to collection. No semen is collected from suspects.
13) Semen is routinely examined for morphology via our exclusive “QSA” program.
14) Most boars meet International Health Requirements for Export.
15) Monthly and routine Veterinary Examinations by Dr. Lee Johnson of the Hudson Veterinary Clinic.
16) All buffers are medicated.
17) IBS is inspected every six months by USDA-APHIS Veterinarians.
18) Blood is routinely PCR tested for the PRRS virus.
19) Semen is PCR tested for the PRRS virus upon request.
20) Boars are collected no more than 3 times in a 10 working day period.
21) Boars with semen problems are rested until semen passes “QSA” program.
22) Visitors are welcome to view boars behind glassed observation rooms.

IBS Qualifies for Export to the European Union and China

IBS is recognized worldwide as being a leader in High Health Semen production. We export Fresh and Frozen Semen to many countries around the world. If you need access to North America’s finest genetics, contact us or visit our Web Site: